Thanks to @filiptepper I came across a Web service called Pusher.


A small list of websites providing designers and webmasters with placeholder images. My personal favorite, PlaceKitten, has been joined by SheenHolders :). If you’re looking for something serious I recommend lorempixum as they provide high-quality, SFW and categorized images.

Reusing Flask-WTF forms.

Flask itself doesn’t come with forms library bundled. However there’s an extension available that offers WTForms integration. I used it in my Flask training app and had some tough time trying to reuse a form on a single view. The idea was simple - I’d put a comment form in a single post view, point the form to the view itself and handle the form in it if needed. The problem was trying to reset the form after successful posting so that the user wouldn’t see their last comment in it while keeping the default CSRF protection intact. The solution is pretty simple yet not that obvious. Take a look at the code below.

Hello, World!

Hello and welcome to my labs!