BTHLabs 2.0

Announcing BTHLabs 2.0!

The all-new BTHLabs has landed. Here’s a quick look at the changes.

New design

The site has been redesigned by Mateusz Dembek. The new design is even more minimalistic than the previous one and matches the general “brand” identification (which was also designed by Mateusz).

New blog engine

The site has been migrated from Posterous to its own engine. It’s a Jekyll-like system, which generates static HTML files from reStructuredText sources. The project is currently in prototype stage and I’ll be working on tweaking and extending it with end of April as deadline for release on GitHub.

Links to Posterous posts are preserved and (where possible) redirect to new posts.

BTHLabs on GitHub

Speaking of GitHub, BTHLabs has now it’s own profile. From now on, all the projects I describe here will be published via BTHLabs’ profile on GitHub. Also, sources for blog posts will be published there.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks for stopping by :).

Tomek Wójcik

Developer, webmaster, part-time bassist, music addict.

BTHLabs owner and mastermind.