I ♡ GIT is a small Web app I did to allow you to say why you love GIT. Just sign in using your Twitter or GitHub account and you’ll be able to say a few words about why GIT is cool. I got the idea when I said to myself Man I love GIT after doing some magic with it.

The app’s still in early stage of development. Something may not work and there may be problems. In case you find a bug please add an issue on GitHub. I’m also going to add at least one new feature - GIT tips & tricks. That’ll happen somewhere in the future since right now I’ve got to focus on earning some cash ;). If you’ve got any ideas about what features you’d like to see in the app don’t hesitate to write about it on project’s wiki on GitHub. Or you can fork the repo and hack it yourself. You know the drill.

Layout has been designed by Mateusz Dembek. Thanks, man!

I ♡ GIT is live at http://iheartgit.com/ and its source code is available at GitHub.

Tomek Wójcik

Developer, webmaster, part-time bassist, music addict.

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