PieTime for RaspberryPi

Desk clock for your Raspberry Pi.

PieTime’s history starts in late 2014. I was looking to put my Raspberry Pi to a good use, so it wouldn’t gather dust. One of ideas I had was to turn the Pi into a smart(ish) desk clock. And that’s how PieTime was born.

PieTime is a Python program that uses PyGame framework to display information to a framebuffer device. Apart from serving as a clock, it can display weather (taken from OpenWeatherMap) and arbitrary photos. Since PieTime primarily targets Raspberry Pi devices, it’s optimized to work with GPIO-connected LCD panels.

PieTime clock module PieTime weather module

If you wish to try PieTime, have a look at the documentation available on the project’s website: Link.

PieTime source code is available via pubilc Git repository: Link.

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