Win a Dribbble invite!

@dembsky, my fellow designer who created graphics for I ♡ GIT, asked me to write an app for him to do a contest for a Dribbble invite. If you’ve got anything to do with graphics design and would like to be a part of Dribbble community you may want to take your shot in the contest. Rules are simple so is the app that I wrote.

Again I used Tornado but this time I went with MySQL as data store. I’ve been using MongoDB almost exclusively lately so I thought I’d go with MySQL. Not that there’d be any visible difference in this case ;).

Anyways, the app’s live at

Good luck, everybody!

PS. If you need a designer and are looking for someone who’ll do his job well I ecommend contacting dembsky. The guy’s pro, seriously. You’ll say the same thing when you see how much attention he puts into details like layers grouping in PSDs he creates :).

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