Q3Stats is a Web application that allows you to import and analyze stats generated by CPMA mod for Quake 3: Arena.

PieTime for RaspberryPi

Desk clock for your Raspberry Pi.

IntuiClock for Pebble Time

A few weeks ago I got myself a shiny new Pebble Time. A few hours after wearing it for the first time, I started playing with Pebble SDK. And friends, this is how I created IntuiClock.


No nonsense OS X notifications for scripts.

BTHLabs is back!

The rumors of BTHLabs’ demise are greatly exaggerated.

Envelopes - Mailing for human beings

Envelopes is a tiny library I wrote to make working with Python’s email and smptlib packages simple and fun.

Fun with PostgreSQL: Tagging blog posts

The other day I was tasked with adding tagging functionality to one of the projects I’m working on. While this is quite basic functionality it comes with a few challenges - from properly configuring relations in the DB and the ORM, through properly handling operations on tags to properly handling connections between tags and tagged entities.

BTHLabs 2.0

Announcing BTHLabs 2.0!

tune-control for Mac OS X

tune-control is a tiny command line program for Mac OS X that makes controlling iTunes or Spotify from shell a walk in a park. I wrote it because I often find myself working remotely on my MacBook and I need a way to control Spotify without physical access to the machine.


How often do you need to limit access to a Web app to few people? Very often, right? Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to implement full-blown users management and authorization. All you need is login and password prompt and credentials storage for a few people. I faced the same problem in an ongoing pet project of mine and decided to go with basic HTTP auth with a plain old htpasswd file storing user credentials.